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Excited about Internet auctions?

Here are some tips for making savvy deals:

* Before buying, pay close attention to the online feedback comments about a seller. Buyers rate their experiences and comment on them.

* Note the shipping fees; avoid unpleasant surprises.

* Buyers and sellers use your credit card. Buyers can stop payment if sellers fail to act as promised; sellers can avoid bounced checks.

* Check out Pay Pal's supplemental fraud protection insurance.

* Consider using escrow services for expensive purchases. They'll hold the fee until the item is received in good condition.

Generous Adventures is a nonprofit travel auction that regularly hosts bidding to benefit the environment and is based in Alaska.

At any time, there are more than 100 ongoing online auctions.

Trips vary, but many tend toward the exotic, and all are run by environmentally friendly tour operators. The latter get exposure from their donations, charities get some money and travelers can take pleasure in where their money is going.

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