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Marya Charles Alexander

SoloTravelPortal.com is edited by Marya Charles Alexander, the "first & foremost" solodining maven, according to Nation's Restaurant News, who "works both sides of the street" counseling both restaurateurs and the public on all aspects of solo dining. A contributor to WHERE New York Magazine and ThriftyTraveling.com newsletter, she has also written for publications like World Traveler (Northwest Airlines), Esquire, AARP's Modern Maturity, Sky (Delta Airlines), Frequent Flyer, www.journeywoman.com and Business Traveler International.

She has two restaurant industry trade handbooks to her credit: the most recent, 150-Plus Tips on How to Attract & Keep SoloDiners (1996; Pod Press), and SoloDiners: The Untapped Mega-Market (1990; Rockbridge Publishing).

"One thing that has surprised me throughout the years I've studied the solodining phenomenon," said Alexander, "is how few people know how to cope with D.D.S., or 'dread of dining solo.' When people call, asking for recommendations of solo-friendly restaurants, the conversation invariably turns to other questions. How can you avoid being seated in an uncomfortable location? Is it proper to read in a fine dining restaurant? How should a woman handle unwanted attention when eating out alone?" ("They Shoot Single People, Don't They?," an episode of Cable TV HBO's Sex in the City, contained two count 'em! instances of solo dining.)

In the past couple of years, people began to ask for more more information on solo travel! And so a "Solo Travel Section" was created for the SoloDining.com website. However, this section soon began to outgrow a subordinate role.

The "Solo Travel Section" is now an established presence as SoloTravelPortal.com a continually growing feast of travel resources for solo travelers.

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