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Did you know that some airlines will allow you to board with your favorite bottle of wine and they'll serve it to you enroute?

For details, click: wine

On the hunt for "travel size items"? Always looking for your favorite brands in small sizes? may stock exactly what you seek. Their offerings are wide-ranging: from beverages such as cocoas, coffees, and teas; to food products such as cereals, condiments, dressings (including non-fat!), and jellies; to personal care items such as soaps, hand cleansers, shampoos, shaving creams, and toothpastes; to a full complement of pharmacy items from headache medicines, to poison ivy wipes, to hospital-grade ointments.

FREE shipping on orders over $20!

P.S. If you don't see an travel-size item you need, let know. They'll do their best to stock.

Solutions Catalogue stocks DreamSack! (both the original, regular, measuring 7'9" long, 34" wide, and the large version, 7'9" long, a full 42" wide)

Put a clean layer of silk (less than 6 ounces) between you and hotel sheets. Luxurious 100% silk, DreamSack will encourage a better night's sleep anywhere at home, or in a far corner of the world.

Wash and hang to dry.

# 62137 Regular $55.00

# 62773 Large $69.50

An ugly secret few hotels dry clean or even change the bedspread between guests.

Save up to 90% on King
Your destination for digital audiobooks, radio programs, audio magazines and newspapers that download in minutes and let you listen anytime, anywhere.

Join Audible Listener and listen to best sellers and more on a FREE digital audio player (Creative MuVo MP3).

"Downloading from the site is easy and fast." The New York Times tells you how to get a better seat.

"Created by frequent flier Matt Daimler, this site has snazzy graphics depicting seating charts and is routinely updated with passenger comments." The Wall Street Journal September 27, 2002

On December 1, 2003, Newsweek published a story entitled: "How To Stay Sane": Solitary business travel can lead to health problems and poor job performance. Experts say developing a routine is critical.

Under "Rule 4": Have Fun, we noted the following: "John Bankhurst, a senior associate for KPMG in Chicago, travels two weeks a month, and tries to eat at a new restaurant in every city." salutes Newsweek!

P.S. To jump start your own sanity-saving-on-the-road program, click: restaurant selection

Here's The Wall Street Journal's "Catalogue Critic's" take on pocket-sized electronic language translators (January 9, 2005):

Best Overall:

Talking TR-2203 $199

Translates between 10 languages, with 200,000 words. Three-language keypad has special characters for Japanese, German, French. Speaks translation with a decent accent.

Free standard shipping (two to four business days). Order arrived on time.

Tocheck it out, click: Aim High

Best Value:

Franklin TG-450 12-Language European Translator $29.99

Non-speaking model translates to and f rom 12 languages, with 400,000 words and phrases. Uncrowded multi-language keyboard was easy to use.

Standard shipping (three to seven business days) cost $5.58. Order arrived on time.

To check it out, click: Amazon

UpgradeBuddy Frequent Flier Resource Center for the scheduling and processing of Delta Airline upgrades.

You'll also find business travel links, frequent flier articles and content.

P.S. They just launched a newsletter!

Other helpful sections for business travelers:

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