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Word to the wise Make two calls before you rent a vehicle:

1 - Call your insurance agent.
2 - Call your credit card company.

Know what you need before you reach the rental counter.

It will help you decide whether their coverage is superfluous or whether you'll want it for added peace of mind. You'll be able to determine whether it's "good value."

Ask your insurance agent if you are covered in a rental car at the same levels as if you were driving your own car. If not, inquire about adding car rental coverage. (The cost for one year may be similar to what you'll pay a rental company for one day's "waiver and insurance" costs.)

Discover whether your credit card offers rental car insurance and if so, the extent of that coverage.

Car Rental

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Renting a car?

To compare gas mileage by make, model and year of car, click: here.

Car rental companies are coming up with new ways of bolstering their bottom lines at your expense. Here's one compliments of The New York Times - 5/17/05 you should be aware of:

Many car companies are pushing customers to upgrade to more expensive models.

Refuse the "offer" and you may be told the category of car you reserved is not available and that you'll have to wait.

Solutions? The best, according to columnist Christopher Elliot, is to be aware of the upgrade policy of your rental company and to let your agent know you are aware of it.

Here's another one compliments of The New York Times - 11/22/05 you should be aware of:

The next time your rent a car, inspect the vehicle with great care front, back, sides and top before getting behind the wheel. Make sure that the rental agent notes even the smallest scratch on the rental agreement.

In other words, pay attention to your rental vehicle before you leave the lot, or you might have to pay up later.

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AutoEurope is the site to visit for the best prices and service when renting a car in Europe. (and now in Australia, South Africa and a selection of Middle Eastern countries)

AutoEurope has a price guarantee, which secures the dollar price regardless of a downward currency shifts after you lock in your rates. They guarantee the lowest rates based on comparable car rental companies. (They provide an additional 5 percent discount for seniors.)

When you visit AutoEurope, check out their other offerings: London Cabs, shore-term lease programs, motorhomes, cheap airfares and cell phones.

Kemwel is coming on strong with exciting offers!

Save up to 10% on weekly car rentals.

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