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AAA Fuel Cost Calculator A new tool available on the Automobile Club of Southern California's Web site will calculate how much you will pay for gasoline on vacation in real-time average fuel prices.

The service is available to Auto Club members and non-members. To use it, select the major metropolitan areas or national parks near your departure and destination, then select your vehicle's make, model and year, and the calculator will figure out the approximate trip mileage, fuel usage and gas costs, both one-way and round-trip.

For multiple destinations, click on "Start Over" to estimate gas costs for each leg of the trip.

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On the fence about hybrids?

40Mpg.org features a calculator that will show your savings in dollars, gallons of gas and pounds of pollution.

GasBuddy is a portal site to more than 170 web sites throughout the United States and Canada that help consumers find cheap gas prices.

GasBuddy Organization web sites allow consumers to share information about low priced fuel with others as well as target the lowest priced stations. Objective: Save $$$ at the pumps!

All web sites are operated by the non-profit organization known as GasBuddy Organization Inc.

Cheap Gas blends Google Maps with data from Gasbuddy's database of gas station prices.

Gas Price Watch.com 100,000+ volunteer spotters locating the lowest gas prices in a city.

Fueleconomy.gov provides links to gas price data for U.S. cities.

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