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Grievances, like death and taxes, will always be with us. Here are resources to help you make your complaints more effective: (P.S. No matter how angry you may be, think "written word," as opposed to a phone call, and keep copies.)

Consumer Action Website (Federal Citizen Information Center) Provides a "before you buy" section general advice on steps to take when shopping for goods or services, warnings on what to watch out for, and specific information on how to shop for certain major items such as cars, etc.

AND an "after you buy" section if you have a problem after making a purchase, including finding legal advice, etc. (Sample complaint letter!)

Additionally, a Consumer Assistance Directory reveals the most effective places to file your complaint or ask a question. (Contact info for consumer organizations, corporations, trade associations, and government agencies at the city, county, state and Federal level. These sites have a "contact us" button to provide another way to send your message directly to the company or agency.)

Want to complain to a restaurant? For tips, click: complaint

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