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Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade offers worldwide travel advice from the Australian prospective.

iJET provides detailed "Travel Intelligence" destination reports which are updated weekly and reflect the local conditions in over 160 worldwide destinations.

These reports differ from typical destination information in that they provide current, independent, unbiased knowledge focused on potential travel concerns.

Provided in PDF format for immediate downloading, these reports are priced at $14.95 per destination and available for purchase on

Simply click the link below to search for your destination report on Amazon!

Note: Amazon offers FREE Shipping for purchases of more than $25!!!

Travel Advice Unit, Consular Division - London, England a collection of materials intended to advise and inform British citizens traveling abroad, including access to the full range of Travel Advice notices, plus consular information.

State Department includes travel-related warnings and additional information about what the site says is every country in the world (often including immigration policy, health conditions, customs regulations and drug penalties), public announcements and consular information sheets.

Washington, D.C. Foreign Embassy Community
A resource of and for the Washington, D.C. foreign Embassy Community.

Of note: business directories for Americans traveling abroad and for foreign visitors.

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