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THE WORLD to visit China in May and June of 2006

The World, the only private residential community at sea with a continuous worldwide itinerary, offers an unusual vacation opportunity — especially this coming May and June.

Residents and Guests vacationing in homes aboard can look forward to the marvels of the enigmatic temples of Hong Kong, the wonders of Shanghai’s Jinamo Tower 88th floor observatory, or Beijing’s Great Wall.

Here's a sampling of this magnificent itinerary:

Guests vacationing aboard THE WORLD can choose from several recommended travel dates while in China, which will provide ample time for an extensive overview of the country, its culture and traditions, including:

Beijing to Nanjing: May 13-24

Those looking to immerse themselves in the ancient art and culture of China may enjoy this 12-day voyage, beginning when the vessel sails from Beijing on May 12 to Nanjing, one of the four ancient capitals of China. Reputed as a major cultural center attracting intellectuals from around the country, Nanjing was the seat of poetry during the Tang-Song period and the official imperial examination center for the Jiangnan region during the Ming and Quing dynasties. En route to Nanjing, the vessel will sail through Qingdao, where Residents and Guests can embark on a day excursion on May 15, through the scenic Badaguan area. Named after eight famous passes in China, Badaguan or “Eight Passes” is a quaint town filled with grand trees and flower-draped paths. Interestingly, the town’s architecture is a melting pot of international influences, including those from Russia, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, resulting in charming villas and majestic temples such as the Buddhist Zhanshan Temple, which will be visited during the tour. Residents and Guests will conclude their visit with a demonstration of the beer making process at the Tsingtao Brewery Museum, China’s largest beer brewery.

THE WORLD, the only private residential community at sea with a continuous worldwide itinerary, offers an unusual vacation opportunity — own a home or rent a private residence for a unique vacation experience with ambiance much like that of a private yacht, seaside villa or exclusive country club.

Three styles of accommodations: two and three-bedroom private apartments; one and two-bedroom studio apartments; and veranda studios are available.

For the complete 2006 itinerary and more information about residential purchase options and rental stays onboard, click: THE WORLD

Footstep Safari

A luxury African safari with a Christian dynamic

" 'Footstep Safaris is where Dom Perignon meets the Bible,' Chris Foot [a lay preacher with the Vineyard church] says as he serves vodka, gin and single-malt Scotch to the group. 'My safaris are for people who want to take God on vacation with them.' " New York Times Style Magazine — Travel-Spring-2006

Two unforgettable experiences — focusing on Kenya and other parts of East Africa (Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia):

1) Mobile tented vintage safaris of old and individually designed

COMFORT — Ice in your cocktails, fresh linen sheets in your tent, the hottest of showers, in-camp laundry service, drink stewards, lavish mess tents, fresh-baked bread daily, etc.
MEALS — All meals are cooked in camp by safari chefs and served in some of nature's most unique dining rooms — from dinner under an African star-studded sky, to lunch under the dappled shade of an acacia tree.
THE CAMP — A camp erected specially for you, in an unique location and taken down when you leave. You arrive in untouched Africa and leave it untouched.

2) Guided lodge Safaris, staying at the best and most sought-after safari lodges

Guaranteed to be off the beaten track, in breath-taking locations, embodiment of style and elegance and away from mass tourism.

Price: Range from between $400 - $1,200 per person per day depending on safari length, group size and itinerary.

Safaris costs are inclusive of everything, other than tipping and personal purchases.

For more information, please visit: Footstep Safaris

5-Star Luxury Camping in The Australian Outback

Longitude 131° is a luxurious eco-sensitive camping experience like no other set atop an isolated sand dune close to the border of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Sleep in crisp, white linen of a king-sized bed under the sweeping canopy of your palatial tent.

As one of only 30 guests, you awake to your own private view of the sun rising over Uluru (Ayers Rock). Reflecting countless colours, Uluru drenches you with its fabled light. The walls of your tent are a visual narrative, telling of the discoveries made by an early outback pioneer.

Tour opportunities include:

* Kata Tjuta & Walpa Gorge

* Cultural Centre & Uluru Visit

* Uluru Sunrise Walk

* Dine out on sumptuous outback fare and discover the wonders of the southern night sky. Experience stunning 360° views of Uluru and Kata Tjuta while enjoying pre-dinner champagne and canapés. Then feast on three delicious courses complemented with the finest Australian wines.

Communal dining in the Dune allows guests the chance to meet their fellow 'campers' and exchange stories of their desert encounters

* Inspecting/purchasing authentic works of art from Indigenous and Australian artists at the multi award winning Mulgara Art Gallery.

This unforgettable experience includes:

All meals, a selection of Australian and imported beverages, an exceptional touring program and return airport transfers.
Price: Your personal luxury tent, per night — $1,460.00

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