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Paradies' Read & Return Program — Need something to read on a flight or vacation?

Readers, rejoice! Airport-based Paradies Shops offer a program perfect for travelers who need something to read.

Here's how it works: Buy a new book (paperbacks, too!) and get 50% of the cover price back by returning it to any Paradies store within six months.

Paradies has 400+ stores in airports, plus shops in three hotels — the Tropicana Resort & Casino - Atlantic City, New Jersey, The Gaylord Palms - Orlando, Florida and The Houston Hilton Americas - Houston, Texas.

P.S. The stores also sell the "pre-read" books at half price.

Love "power naps"? Soon you may be able to refresh yourself by taking one in an airport lounge.

Written up in Fortune Magazine, MetroNaps opened their lounge on the 24th floor of New York City's Empire State Building.

People like you and me are paying $14 (Buy a 7-pass and save $18.25.) to relieve stress by dozing off for 20 private minutes in specially made chair-pods (very cool looking contours perfect for napping — cost per pod: $8,000).

Note: MetroNaps is now available near Gate 70 of Vancouver International Airport's international departure terminal.

If your needs are more all encompassing than "napping," check out The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports, which claims to have more than 3023 listings, most for accommodations more spartan than a hotel room or a lounge chair pool-side.

Currently, the most popular U.S. airports to sleep in are: Los Angeles, New York JFK and Chicago O'Hare.

Packtowl — This travel towel is amazing!

Blot yourself off, wring it out and it's 90% dry. Made of 100% natural viscose material, Packtowl weighs next to nothing and gets softer the more you wash it.

Available in five sizes.

Long Road Travel Supplies —

Will your travel plans expose you to the risk of Malaria, Dengue Fever, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Chagas, and Other Insect Transmitted Diseases?

Long Road Travel Supplies specializes in high quality portable Mosquito Nets, Canopy Mosquito Netting, Bednets, and Sleepsheets for travel or at home. Their Free-standing Mosquito Nets and Bednets are designed to provide the maximum possible protection against biting insects under almost any conditions.

A One Person Skeeter Defeater weighs only 1 pound (454gm) including poles and stuff-sack!

120x90 QuietComfort Headset Promo

Noise Reduction Headset from Bose — Buy a QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling headset and get FREE shipping.

Travel Accessories - 10% off (125x125)

Solutions Catalogue — stocks Dream sack!

(both the original, regular, measuring 7'9" long, 34" wide, and the large version, 7'9" long, a full 42" wide)

Put a clean layer of silk (less than 6 ounces) between you and hotel sheets. Luxurious 100% silk, DreamSack will encourage a better night's sleep anywhere — at home, or in a far corner of the world.

Wash and hang to dry.

# 62137 — Regular —$55.00

# 62773 — Large — $69.50

An ugly secret — few hotels dry clean or even change the bedspread between guests.

Be sure to check out their Support Socks for men and women — relief for uncomfortable swelling feet on airplanes.

Comfortable, attractive and physician recommended, Jobstr compression socks use graduated compression to relieve the discomfort of poor circulation, mild varicose veins, swelling, and aching feet and legs.

Save! Buy 3 or more for $15.00 each.

Passport Newsletter
— Many travel authorities believe this is one of the best travel newsletters in America. We at agree!

This is THE luxury newsletter you read about in the February 20, 2004 issue of USA TODAY!

Passport Newsletter has been around since 1965, publishing unbiased reviews, reports and tips on upscale places to stay, restaurants, shopping, cruises and tours — information that helps subscribers avoid mistakes that can ruin a vacation or business trip.

Many of North America's top travel agencies and the world's most discerning travelers are among its subscribers. We endorse Passport as a source of sound travel information. It’s strong on opinion, doesn’t accept advertising and isn’t afraid to criticize.

A one-year Passport subscription is normally $99 —

but available through SoloTravelPortal, you can subscribe for $89 — a nifty saving of $10.00!

You'll enjoy 12 monthly issues plus complete access to its extensive website.

For more details, click here.

Jet Lag Cures — An Update

Save up to 90% on King
— Your destination for digital audiobooks, radio programs, audio magazines and newspapers that download in minutes and let you listen anytime, anywhere.

Join Audible Listener and listen to best sellers and more on a FREE digital audio player (Creative MuVo MP3).

"Downloading from the site is easy and fast." The New York Times

Concerned about swelling and circulatory problems while traveling? Click: here

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