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Why "travel insurance"? What is "it"? And just how much do you "need"?

Some of us think "travel insurance" when planning a trip

Some people also think in terms of: trip insurance, or traveler insurance, or trip cancellation insurance, or trip interruption insurance.

We may even search the internet for: insurance medical travel, health insurance travel, insurance last minute travel, accident insurance travel, international travel insurance, last minute travel insurance, insurance travel worldwide, cruise insurance travel, insurance safety travel and, of course, cheap travel insurance and discount travel insurance!

No matter whatever words you choose bottom line they all represent your reasonable concern about protecting all or portions of an upcoming trip.

Specifically, what elements of your trip need protection consideration?

Trip Investment in case of trip cancellation/interruption, travel delay, missed connection, terrorism at your destination, or travel provider bankruptcy.

Property in case of baggage loss or delay, or rental car mishap.

Health during travel, in case of a medical or dental emergency, or a medical evacuation requirement.

Life (yours) while traveling.

Should you purchase insurance for your next trip? Perhaps.

Will you be spending more than $1,000 on a vacation? Will your homeowners or health insurance policies cover it? If not, consider travel insurance.

A quick, less expensive get-away that falls under the umbrella of your homeowner, renter or health insurance policies probably doesn't require extra coverage. (Statistically speaking, flight insurance may not be warranted. Losing your life in a plane crash even during these sensitive times is unlikely.)

Pause and consider before buying a cancellation policy from your tour operator. If your tour company files for bankruptcy you may be disappointed twice over loss of a trip and loss of your insurance outlay.

"Read the fine print" is always good advice especially when it comes to buying a travel insurance policy. Does your policy cover bankruptcy? Exactly what amounts to "bankruptcy"? Does it take a company's formal filing for bankruptcy? In other words, what will trigger your policy.

These days, a common concern for travelers is the possibility of a terrorist attack. What constitutes a "terrorist attack," foreign or domestic? Who determines when one occurs (and triggers your policy)? You? The U.S. State Department?

In essence, take the time to become aware of your options; make an educated decision about what you require (or don't require) in the way of travel insurance; invest in same (or not!) and enjoy your trip!

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