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In celebration of SoloDiners' EAT OUT Week February 1-7. 2006, invites the public (singles, solos and couples, too!) to nominate their favorite communal table dining restaurants for publication in a new section of the website.

For details, or to submit your nomination, visit
: SoloDiners' EAT OUT Week

Beautiful wine enhances any meal!

Harry and David Specializes in Gift Baskets, Gift Towers, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables and more.

Harry and David grows and selects fruit from their own orchards in Medford, Oregon, bakes their own cakes and cookies, makes their own chocolates, designs their own gift boxes and baskets, and packs their own gift baskets.

Note: Should you click on "Our Guarantee" on the Harry and David website, you'll read the following:

You must be delighted, or we'll make it right.

(If you've been burned as your editor has during holidays 2005 shopping online, you know how important this promise is!)
Note: Their sales are terrific!

"Cooking for One" books click: here

Sinkie The International Association of People Who Dine Over the Kitchen Sink has announced its list of six prominent Suspected Closet-Sinkies for 2005.

Closet-Sinkies occasionally partake of food and beverage while standing over their kitchen sinks or in comparable informal fashion, although intentionally unobserved for reasons of needless guilt or embarrassment.

Given recognition this year are: Patti LaBelle, Jay Leno, Mia Hamm, Tony Bennett, Patricia Heaton and Bill Cosby.

This year's six Suspected Closet-Sinkies were officially enshrined with their fellow casual-comfort-food gourmets on "Sinkie Day" always the day after Thanksgiving; this year.

Honorees in years past include Martha Stewart, Newt Gingrich, Miss Manners, Mr. Blackwell, Dionne Warwick, Rush Limbaugh, Oprah Winfrey, Al Gore, Kathie Lee Gifford, George Will, Janet Reno, Cosmo Kramer, Jenny Craig, Michael Jordan, Barbara Walters, Tony Blair, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Kenneth Starr, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Sidney Poitier, Calista Flockhart, Hugh Downs, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Bill Gates, Vanna White, George Hamilton, Maya Angelou, Sammy Sosa, Elizabeth Dole, Dave Thomas, Diane Sawyer, Pat Sajak, Angela Lansbury, George Zimmer, Ann Landers, Rudy Giuliani, Gloria Estefan, Richard Simmons, Barbara Bush, Barry Bonds, Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Alex Trebek.

Norm Hankoff, Founder of the Sinkie Association in 1991, expressed the organization's position on this once-a-year honor: "We have no actual evidence such as snapshots, videotapes or witnesses willing to testify, but we wouldn't be at all surprised if our six recipients occasionally experience the laid-back dining styles millions of ordinary people enjoy."

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Flyertalk Dining Forums galore on food!

"The Italian tourist board says the largest category of culinary travelers consists of women on their own, ages 35 to 55." Newsweek July 9, 2001.

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