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Las Vegas Buffets!

Visit London’s new, pocket-size Eat London guide contains information for visitors about where to eat in London — recently crowned the gourmet capital of the world by Gourmet Magazine in its March 2005 issue.

Entertaining and opinionated write-ups cover the best of London’s more than 6,000 eating establishments that serve at least 70 different types of cuisine. They cater to all budgets from cheap eats to Michelin stars and are intuitively arranged by neighborhood.

The guide is sponsored by Yell, publisher of Yellow Book in the US, to promote Yellow Pages 118 247 — a directory enquiries service which visitors to the UK can use to access details for restaurants, hotels, and other useful businesses.

Eat London offers clued-in tips on The Best For :

Cheap Eats
Business Lunches
Hotel Restaurants
Late Eats
Celebrity Spotting
Brunch With Your Friends
Stunning Views

[Nothing on dining solo — sigh — perhaps next edition!]

Eat London guides are FREE and available by calling 800-462-2748 or by visiting:

Small airports offer more than takeoffs and landings. They're home to airport cafes — Meccas for solo diners!

Their budget-friendly fare includes liberal helpings of flyboy (and girl!) chatter and plenty of airborne antics to watch.

The $100 Dollar Hamburger (so named because after a pilot has paid for the plane and fuel, lunch costs around $100!) offers up-to-date pilot reports on more than 1,000 restaurants. To check out their listings, click: "PiReps."

88x31 Flashing Logo

Entertainment Book —Save up to 50% hotels, restaurants, local attractions, groceries, travel and more!

Roadfood — reveals great regional meals in restaurants along highways, in small towns and in city neighborhoods.

Usually informal and inexpensive, and the best of the lot are colorful places enjoyed by locals (and savvy travelers) for their character as well as their menu.

Crewstart — Where Does the Flight Crew Eat? Pilots and flight attendants post first-hand tips on where to eat around the world and more!

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