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United Airlines: A widow is entitled to the unused miles in her deceased husband's frequent flier miles account whether or not this item is mentioned in the will.

United Airlines needs:
1. copy of the death certificate
2. A letter stating that the widow is the surviving spouse.
3. His and her Mileage Plus numbers
4. A check for $75 to cover the transfer fee.

This must be done within three years of the last activity on the account.

Send all above information to:
Mileage Plus Special Services
Attention: Kris Morris
P.O. Box 40
Rapid City, South Dakota 57709-0040

Thanks to Helga Hayse for this frequent flier insight!

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Donating Mileage Program Points to Hurricane Victims

The American Red Cross lists airlines that allow program members to make mileage donations

Operation Hero Miles

In September 2003, the Pentagon started giving soldiers stationed in Iraq two-week leaves in the largest R & R program since the Vietnam War. Soldiers on R & R or Emergency Leave are flown by the military to Germany or three airports in the United States, Baltimore/Washington, (BWI), Dallas/FortWorth, (DFW), or Atlanta, (ATL ) for free.

The soldiers have been responsible for flights the rest of the way in the U.S. to their destinations, until Congress provided funding for this purpose on November 3, 2003. However, this funding is not yet available and may not be sufficient for all the troops or troops on "Emergency Leave."

Many soldiers on R&R leave must purchase high-priced last minute airfares to connect to their hometowns once their military flights land at the airports in Baltimore, Dallas or Atlanta. Soldiers on "Emergency Leave" must still pay the full cost of their domestic travel when they are rushed home for the family death, birth, illness or other emergency.

The military does not pay the cost of their travel in the United States, so your frequent flyer miles are a huge help.

Amtrak Amtrak Guest Rewards members can earn points every time they ride the rails or purchase services from program partners.

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