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The Bombard Society's hot-air balloon holidays are perfect for anyone who craves an uplifting and elegant escape from today's challenges.

Bombard operates 26 annual tours in six European countries: France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and The Czech Republic. Trips range in length from five to 10 days and are regional in nature, meaning you stay in one hotel (Each is chosen for local charm and hospitality; only four or five star properties are used.) and enjoy the area in depth.

In addition to important sightseeing and exquisite and creative dining opportunities, each day their guests are treated to a magical, low-level sightseeing adventure by balloon, in the area of the tour.

Vice President Operations Ginny Gray reports:

I would say that about 25% of our travelers are either single, or are married and traveling solo.
We are very popular with solo travelers because of our low single supplement, and the fact that our young, adorable staff who fuss over the ladies are male. No one is ever left out or alone, as Buddy Bombard dines with the group at every meal, as does at least one of our pilots and many times our young male crew at the informal occasions.
I don't want to give the impression these are matchmaking trips. They are not, although one never knows when that could happen! People on our trips travel with us because of the exclusivity of the experience, and comraderie with other like-minded individuals.

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