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International Airport Guides offers good information on hotels, airport information, and other services for all major airports.

Sleeping/Napping opportunities in airports

Airport City Codes features easy-to-use charts for matching 9,000 worldwide airports with code letters and vice versa. The site also lists airline codes and gives detailed data on aircraft models and types.

Airport Parking will reserve a spot for you at one of 63 major airports in US and Canada. (In certain areas, you can get your car serviced while you're traveling.)

P.S. This IS the organization you may have read about in the January/February 2004 issue of AARP!

Jet Lag Cures An Update

AirSafe Airline accident and airline safety information for passengers and aviation professionals.

Quiet Comfort Headset

Flight Safety Foundation
Be informed when it comes to safety updates and rules.

World Airport Guide

Landings up-to-the-minute airline-industry news, plus message boards, etc.

USAviation Business travelers, ramp agents, flight attendants, mechanics pilots, mechanics and gate agents gather to dissect the industry.

Flyertalk Frequent fliers, avid posters, hold forth on everything about travel that drives them crazy and more. Forums galore!

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Flight Status

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