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Dreaming of taking a customized Around-the-World ("RTW" in the travel industry) or Multi-Continent trip with unlimited stops?

Round-the-world tickets require wading through myriad options and limitations; however, you can enjoy significant savings through this method over scheduling a trip on a point-to-point basis.

There are two categories of RTW tickets: (1) ticket packages sold by specialized RTW travel agencies that utilize consolidator and other discounted, one-way flights; (2) published around-the-world fares offered through a U.S. airline and its international partners (Delta, Continental, SkyTeam and Northwest; American and Oneworld and United and US Airways and Star Alliance)

In preparation for globe-trotting , make lists, then make some more! Commit to paper the things that you would like to see and places you've always wanted to visit. The process will help you become realistic about what you will be able to accomplish within a specific timeframe and within your funds.

Read, read, read! Guidebooks, travel narratives, and travel literature will help give you a sense of where you want to travel. Seek an overview of the politics and culture of the countries or regions you wish to visit.

Save as much money as you can prior to leaving. It's easier to come home with money in your pocket than to run out while enroute.(Traveling is much more enjoyable with sufficient funds!)

Plan to travel light whatever you can squeeze into a backpack will usually be sufficient. Buy or rent as other needs pop up along the way.

Lastly, let flexibility be your watchword plan to go with the flow.

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