Sports Injuries

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Need braces? Fogdog has 'em: ankle, leg, back, elbow and knee plus supporters, hot/cold therapy and first aid kits

American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine San Francisco-based professional organization addresses sports-related foot and leg injuries.

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Don't go another day with that achy body!

Back Be Nimble pioneered the Internet sale of personal care, oronomic and relaxation products. They offer a wide variety of products to keep you comfortable in any situation with the names of Panasonic, Swedish Memory Foam, Workrite, Electro-pedic, Relaxor, and many more.

Bicycle Source
offers basic prevention and treatment tips for injuries common to cyclists.

The Physician and Sportsmedicine Online See the "Personal Health" section for articles on injury prevention and rehabilitation for injuries like tennis elbow and muscle soreness.

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