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Wanna-be SPY CAMP!

There's nothing campy about Absolution Gym's offerings —

They offer a six to eight week program in Los Angeles that trains women in spy skills like: scaling the side of a building, rapelling off a 30-foot cliff, aerial trapeze stunts — AND such spy imperatives as belly dancing or strip tease and/or pole dancing.

Here are examples of their packages:

SpySchool I
The intro package
- $200

Three hours of defense against the assailant
One private session
One hour of belly dancing
One hour of scaling the wall

SpySchool III
Advanced SpySchool - $1,600
Advanced fighting techniques and strikes (fighting blindfolded, in enclosed spaces like elevators, in bed…)
Five Pilates sessions towards the tummy of death
Belly dancing or *Strip tease and/or pole dancing course
How to disguise yourself and completely change your look (a two hour makeover including hair and makeup class)

*P.S. Planning a visit to New York/already a New Yorker? RED HOTS BURLESQUE presents SCHOOL OF SHIMMY, the only school where you can get your Phd in Take It Off-ology!

Is life boring? Ready for an Extreme Vacation?

Thrillseekers Unlimited offers you a choice of two extreme options — guaranteed to jolt you out of your rut:

5-Day Ultimate Extreme Package:

Bungy Jumping, Paragliding, Indoor Skydiving Simulator, Paint Ball, Snowboarding (Winter), Mountainboarding (Summer), Rock Climbing/ Rappelling, Glider Plane Soaring and a 2 mile Tandem Freefall Skydive.

1 to 3 people — $2,545 each

Thrillseeker vacations have been described as: " . . . a total immersion physically, mentally and emotionally for the active adult who wants to take absolute responsibility for his or her life and break through personal barriers and comfort zones to reach a new level of expression on earth!!"

5-Day Stunt Experience Vacation:

High Falls, Stunt Fighting, Mini Tramps, Ratchets, Bungy Jumping, Slide for Life (Zip Lines), Heavy Weapons, Stunt Driving and a FIRE BURN!

Experience the job of REAL Stunt People and learn "hands on" from Stunt Professionals. An adrenaline rush in a SAFE Environment!

1 to 3 people — $2,695 each

Includes accommodations at: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino OR Rio Hotel & Casino OR Palms Hotel & Casino

For more information, click: Thrillseekers Unlimited

American Institute of Marine Studies' Shark Expeditions

These electrifying Expeditions are rare opportunities to join an international team of shark researchers to learn about the biology an behavior of legendary Great White Shark as well as to participate in an on-going study of this mysterious creature in the wild.

These Expeditions are open to anyone interested in observing White Sharks in the wild and learning more about their biology and behavior.

Participants are not required to be certified scuba divers (except those hoping to dive in the shark cage), but they strongly prefer individuals who are physically fit, work well under pressure and collaborate well with others comprising their team.

Skills that would prove especially helpful to their research efforts include: nature or sports photography and/or videography (topside and/or underwater), experience working with or around animals (wild or domestic), experience designing and conducting research of any kind (including scientific or business), and writing or broadcast journalism.

Four 2006 Expeditions — limited to 6 participants per opportunity — Applicants are being interviewed NOW!

For details on this expedition and others, click: ReefQuest Expeditions

P.S. Planning to put your energy and hard-earned cash into an "Adventure"?

Unfortunately, mundane, every-day stuff — lost luggage, a case of the flu, you name it — can and will happen. Insure yourself against this likelihood and secure peace of mind.

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