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Please consider the following suggestions when you are seeking a travel companion:

Look carefully at free services offering to connect people.

Everyone loves a bargain, but free services may not include address checks (costly and time-consuming).

Convicts and scam artists can join and they will. "Free" can attract the worst type of travel partners freeloaders.

Travel Companions (two-legged)

Travel Companions (four-legged traveling with your dog or . . . :

Pet Supplies/Products Emphasis: Travel

Travel with Dogs Books

Travel with Pets Accommodations, Parks, Tour Groups, etc.

Why Travel Alone Travel Companion Exchange, Inc., in its 20th year, is headed by Jens Jurgen. A consumer-oriented travel writer, he's also known for a bi-monthly travel newsletter covering airfare bargains, hotel and cruise discounts, travel safety tips, senior travel discounts, books for singles, and more.

Connecting: Solo Travel Network Membership group based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Elderhostel A not-for-profit organization with 25 years of experience providing high-quality, affordable, educational adventures for adults who are 55 and older. is a free site dedicated to independent travelers worldwide who are looking for travel partners. Currently, they have over 1900 members and a lively message board.

You can search at least 50 criteria to find a match. When we gave it a try, we discovered: 590 individuals interested in cruises; 240 interested in safari and 69 interested in gambling.

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