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Solo Travel Tip from Helga Hayse

Solo Travel Section Catalyst AND Helga Hayse' Solo Travel Tip contributor Helga Hayse (To read her current offering, click Helga.) unknowingly gave us the push we needed to create a "Solo Travel Tip" section.

She included an incredible tip when she e-mailed us about her return from a solo trip to Spain. We couldn't resist passing it along to you!

Here are excerpts from her message:

"I told everyone I met in Spain about it [], planting new ideas in traditional heads about a community table, and decided that just being an ambassador for a community table gives a person a reason to travel solo!"

She added,

"I realized that traveling alone this time was vastly different from my trip to Italy, not just because I wasn't grieving, but because I was always mindful of the difference between loneliness and solitude and how that awareness added to my experience."

Helga's solo travel tip:

Concierges and hotel personnel are a woman's first line of defense.

Make arrangements for a bottle of champagne to be delivered to the reception staff shortly after you check-in, alerting them that you really appreciate knowing that they will give you their best.

Champagne works wonders!!!

[Our aside: Great tip for men, too!]

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