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December 2004

Be sure you understand the meal plan of any tour you are considering so there are no surprises.

European Plan (EP) and Bed and Breakfast (B&B) usually include Continental breakfast.

American Plan (AP) includes three meals a day, whereas Modified American Plan (MAP) includes two meals a day.

Table d'hote is a fixed-price menu with limited choice.

Outside the United States, coffee or tea is rarely included with meals aside from breakfast. Expect to pay extra.

M. Porteous South Boston, Massachusetts

November 2004

As soon as you enter your destination country, exchange some currency for small bills.

You won't waste money because you lack change.

D. Vale Gainesville, Florida

October 2004

Getting your lodging through Priceline or Hotwire?

Make a point of taking along a copy of your confirmation, usually a printout of the Web page or an e-mail.

Either of them should have the Web site's toll-free number; you'll need it if any problem arises.

Z. Brown Little Rock, Arkansas

September 2004

Pack and re-pack your things in exactly the same order. This will enable you to find what you want without completely unpacking.

B. Justin Bloomington, Illinois

August 2004

When planning a trip, I get an idea of travel costs by first going to before actually purchasing my ticket on a travel Website.

This free tool will give you the average averages on over 6,000 routes and you can also discover cheaper alternate routes.

Your editor took for a test drive. Here's what she discovered:
San Diego to New York Airfare Averages

Route: Approximately 2446 miles each way with 1893 daily passengers
Fares: Average one-way fare: $222 Average cost per mile: 0.09

Airline with the Largest Market Share:
- JetBlue
- Average Fare: $162
- Market Share: 27%

Airline with the Lowest Average Fare:
- JetBlue
- Average Fare: $162
- Market Share: 27%

M. Riley Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

July 2004

Airlines are going bankrupt. Here's something to remember: When planning a trip on an airline, try to protect yourself from that happening by buying your ticket with a credit card. Note: You can cancel charges for services not rendered for up to 60 days after you get your statement.

M. Bando Rochester, New York

June 2004

If you're interested in flying on the cheap, check out It's a guide for cut-rate airlines worldwide that fly for less than the big airlines you always see in the major airline booking engines like Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz.

J. Rightman New Orleans, Louisiana

May 2004

Most hotels have a rate sheet where they can give a discount on a room if the hotel has vacancies. They would rather rent out a room than have it be a loss income from not being used.

Simply asking for "the best rate" at the front desk will, in a lot of cases for hotels with vacancies, give you a substantial decrease in room rate. It is not uncommon for me to get $100 rooms for $45.00.

I learned this travel tip from a friend that worked in the hotel industry.

D. Studenberg Miami, Florida

April 2004

Flight cancellations seem to occur with regularity. Do your homework before you go to the airport.

If you have a travel agent, bring his or her telephone number, in case you have to book another airline.

Know what alternative flights go into your destination.

Remember a cancellation is not an airline employee's fault. (Sugar goes further than . . .!)

R.. Farmer Providence, Rhode Island

March 2004

To avoid disappointments and inconvenience, make sure you're aware of the customs of the country(ies) you plan to visit French restaurants usually serve the salad last, in some countries, the mid-day siesta shuts down all businesses, etc.

Y. Sentos Cincinnati, Ohio

February 2004

I prefer to fly out of smaller airports shorter walk to the gate, not to mention quicker check-in and security lines, etc.

However, there are draw-backs that people ought to be aware of. Some of the airports are swamped by rapid growth. I always used to be able to find parking at nearby garages no longer. I almost missed my plane when I learned this lesson!

Jetway boarding beats outdoor boarding, especially when it rains.

Don't count on being able to purchase food for a no-meal flight. Your hours may not be the hours vendors are in business.

R. Alison Los Angeles, California

January 2004

When I buy postcards for friends, I don't forget about myself. I select pleasing cards that capture my travel experience, jot down a few details as a message, and mail them to my home address.

These nice souvenirs greet me upon my return. They're perfect for my "memory books."

G. Myster Sarasota Springs, Florida

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