Absolutely Fabulous Websites!!!


Johnnyjet Time Magazine puts it very well:

"...links to everything from travel literature to visitors' bureaus and every commercial site in between Johnny Jet is packed with information."

It also contains some innovative elements: webcams with great visuals of a variety of destinations, a section on passenger rights and a guide to universal gestures that can prevent a social faux pas in most situations.

Craigslist.org gets the word out about everyday, real-world stuff while keeping things simple. Lotta items jobs, services, apartments, gigs, personals, discussion formums, etc. What's not to like?

Tired of giving and getting too much stuff?

This new website is somewhat like a wedding registry, except that instead of revealing to friends what pots and pans you'd like, you let them know what charities you'd prefer to support.

Then when someone wants to give you a gift, he or she can visit the site, go to your "givelist" and make a donation.

Care2 make a difference

The "Yahoo" for people who care about the environment.

Free email, with a "wild" name!
Fun e-cards and shopping at the Eco-Superstore.
Healthy tips, eco news, petitions and alerts.
A meeting place for 2.45 million members.
Where your free clicks generate donations.
Free membership for many more features!

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