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Potpourri of Travel Opportunities

Travel Clothing


Holistic Canoe Trips and Wellness Retreats for Women


Empowering Women to Move from "EX" to EXtraordinary!

Women's Travel Club — Founded in 1992, the Club organizes roughly 25 trips for women, publishes a newsletter, facilitates travel companions with its Bulletin Board and is an advocate for women and travel safety.

Last report: 35% of their participants are single.
P.S. The Club will arrange room-shares for women who wish to save more money!

"Bikini Boot Camp"- for mind, body & spirit — Amansala - Eco Chic Resort (Tulum, Mexico)

On the hunt for "travel size items"? Always looking for your favorite brands in small sizes?

Minimus.biz may stock exactly what you seek. Their offerings are wide-ranging: from beverages such as cocoas, coffees, and teas; to food products such as cereals, condiments, dressings (including non-fat!), and jellies; to personal care items such as soaps, hand cleansers, shampoos, shaving creams, and toothpastes; to a full complement of pharmacy items from headache medicines, to poison ivy wipes, to hospital-grade ointments.

FREE shipping on orders over $20!

P.S. If you don't see an travel-size item you need, let Minimus.biz know. They'll do their best to stock it.

TravelSmith — Women's Walking-On-Air Comfort Shoes

Amply cushioned, these superlight shoes provide total comfort over long days spent exploring on foot.

A rollbar and specially designed outsoles stabilize the foot and keep it from rolling. And these walkers don't just do your feet good: Your purchase also supports the Susan G. Komen Fund for Breast Cancer Research. By New Balance. #4700 — $85

"The Italian tourist board says the largest category of culinary travelers consists of women on their own, ages 35 to 55."
Newsweek — July 9, 2001.

Click: Cooking Schools

Menopausal Tours — Travel for Women of a Certain Attitude...

is a specialty travel company offering lodging in comfortable, well located properties (in most cases, these properties are well known chains or beautiful boutique properties in convenient downtown locations, all featuring interior hallways for your maximum enjoyment and safety!), ground transportation and activity packages to groups of dynamic women 40 years and wiser!

Their escorted tours to exciting worldwide destinations (Savannah, Boston, London, Paris, Italy, Maui — just to name a few!) are planned not just for fabulous sightseeing, but sometimes even timed to coincide with seasonal events unique to that locale!

"Buzz Off" insect repellent clothing — This is the one you (and I, your editor) read about in USA Today and worth a look!

Here's what I discovered:

This is the first apparel ever registered by the EPA as an insect repellent. It has highly effective chemical (derived from chrysanthemum) tightly bonded to the fabric. Odorless and colorless, it does not affect the feel or performance of the garment. The fabric also offers 30+ SPF sun protection, and wicks moisture from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable. (Downside: repellent protection good through 25 washings.)

If bug bites are a concern at home or for your upcoming travels, I encourage you to visit both ExOficio and Magellan's — you'll notice that styles for men, women and kids vary. ExOficio features the most extensive selection, including a convertible pant option for men, women and kids. (P.S. it's their new clothing line!)

Adventure Women — has been offering vacations exclusively for active women over 30 since 1982!

We asked: What percentage of your guests are solo? Adventure Women responded: About 60%, or even more on many trips.

Visit Fogdog's Women's Store and check out a lavish selection of tights for the walker/runner.

French Links — is a Franco-American company (sister to British Links), specializing in solo tours for women, that offers private guided tours in and around Paris. They take pride in blending French savoir-faire and culture with American efficiency.

Let director Rachel Kaplan design a tour especially for you! OR select among her private personalized French Links tours. Here's a sampling of her engaging offerings:

Gastronomical Paris

Architectural Paris

Jewish Paris

A Day of Parisian Beauty and Chic

Little-Known Museums in and Around Paris

Logo_yellow (88x31)

Solutions Catalogue — stocks DreamSack! (both the original, regular, measuring 7'9" long, 34" wide, and the large version, 7'9" long, a full 42" wide)

Put a clean layer of silk (less than 6 ounces) between you and hotel sheets. Luxurious 100% silk, DreamSack will encourage a better night's sleep anywhere — at home, or in a far corner of the world.

An ugly secret — few hotels dry clean or even change the bedspread between guests.

AND be sure to check out their Support Socks — relief for uncomfortable swelling feet on airplanes.

Comfortable, attractive and physician recommended, Jobstr compression socks use graduated compression to relieve the discomfort of poor circulation, mild varicose veins, swelling, and aching feet and legs.

Save! Buy 3 or more for $15.00 each.

Iluminado Tours — offers unique Yucatan experiences. Here's a sample:

"Discover The Magic Tour" is a fun and interesting introduction to the Yucatan.

You will stay in the historic center of Merida, capital of the Yucatan, and experience the culture and beauty of this Spanish colonial city.

You will visit many Maya archeological sites, including Uxmal and you will have an overnight stay at Chichen Itza. Also on the tour are visits to a bird and wildlife reserve, a mangrove forest, beaches, Spanish colonial haciendas, today's Maya villages, colonial cathedrals and convents. All this and time for concerts, museums, galleries and of course shopping too.

2005 Tour Dates: October 8 - 18, November 5 - 15, December 2 - 12
7-Day Tour — Price: $1390 USD Per Person, Double Occupancy; Single Supplement $200 USD

Solo/single traveler specifics on this organization (operated by a female Canadian):

50% of their guests have been single. All the single guests have been women.
About 65% of the total guests have been women. Two from Canada and the rest (21) from USA.

One woman was in her 30's; three were in their 40's. The majority were in their 50's and 60's, although four were in their 70's.

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SoloTravelPortal.com was pleased to hear from Jen Deraspe, owner of Holistic Canoe Trips & Wellness Retreats for Women:

Experience Mind~Body~Spirit Unity through an artfully designed retreat for women in Maine and the Southwest.

"I offer holistic retreats for women and most who join us travel solo."

Last summer retreat:

August 21- 28: Wilderness Living Paddling Trip~ Lobster Lake & West Branch of the Penobscot River —Thoreau's Waterway

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Ex in the city — is dedicated to empowering single women of all ages with a sense of purpose and confidence, and to help them to transform their lives from EX to EXtraordinary!

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Woman Tours — Many participants have husbands who are not into cycling. These women come to find riding partners and to be in a safe environment, while others want to "get away from it all," leaving kids and husbands behind. Still others simply prefer a week in the company of women.

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Women's Flyfishing Trips and Schools — Based in Alaska, they are dedicated to helping women learn and enjoy the sport of flyfishing in a supportive and non-competitive environment.

Here's a blurb about their schools from their website:

Whether you are a neophyte or a more experienced fly fisher, the schools will enable you to master equipment and techniques that are useful for all species of fish, no matter where you wet a line. You'll learn about and use both heavy and light weight fly rods, reels, and lines for salmon, rainbow trout, dolly varden char, and arctic grayling. We'll teach you knot tying, leader construction, wading, and, of course, casting, and best of all, that will happen on-the-water. You actually fish in our schools, and catch! In fact, the lodge will freeze your salmon for you to take home!

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